Welcome to My new blog

Welcome to my new blog. This blog is continued from https://clasense4.wordpress.com/ with same author.

This blog is powered by Hugo, and Casper Theme. Post on this blog will be new. I will not move old post from my old wordpress blog. About the content, I will write about python and ofcourse scrapy, and I will create a new series about building a scrapy project step by step. And maybe about my experience using AWS services that I used in production like, Kinesis Firehose, Kinesis Stream, Redshift, RDS, Athena, EMR, and many more.

Images credit to unsplash.
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Fajri Abdillah

A father with 1 awesome wife and 1 awesome son. Have 3 salt water tank (and will be add more). I'm also collecting Hotwheels, small investment for my son.

Bandung, Indonesia https://fajri.my.id
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